Claire & Brenton's Adventures - Sailing Aedis


I had the pleasure of photographing (and helping to plan) my dear friends Claire & Brenton's Wedding late last year - you can check out some more of their awesome, backyard wedding here

They left Adelaide a few weeks ago to embark on an epic adventure, they'll be sailing around the world on their new home, Aedis for the next two years. I'm pretty excited to head over to join them in Europe for a few weeks. While they're away they're making an amazing video blog of the adventure (Claire is an awesome sculpture and multi media artist and has all the skills - photography geeks, check out the awesome cinemagraphs at the beginning of each episode!). 

You can check out and subscribe to their Vlog, Sailing Aedis, on YouTube or follow them on Facebook, you might even catch me in an episode soon!