Australia's top emerging wedding photographers

I don't often enter photography competitions but I made an exception for this year's Capture Magazine "Australia's Top Emerging Photographers" award. I'd always meant to enter and this year was my last chance before I'm done 'emerging', (does that mean I get to become a beautiful butterfly soon?!). It's one of the contests I respect the most and a great predictor of further awesomeness, congratulations to this year's winner, the lovely Morgan Roberts and all the other finalists and highly commended photographers. I was lucky enough to score a high commendation for the portfolio I entered.

Mega thanks to all the couples (and grandparents, unknown Italian strangers, and puppies) who made these fabulous images with me! 

The Ultimate Wedding Timeline

I wrote a piece with a bunch of information about how to plan your wedding timeline for my friend (and fabulous wedding celebrant) Camille over at Unbridely. A great timeline which takes into consideration whats important to you can make a great wedding day awesome!

I'm also always happy for folks to make a time to come in and talk through timeline options with me in person too. Actually that's even better.