Family photography with Kate Pardey

Not getting married for ages? Don’t want to get married but wish you had an excuse for some ace photos? Already married but want to hang out at home and and make some images with your fur-baby, baby-baby or reptile-baby?

I’m always available for relaxed, real photo sessions in your home or a favourite location with your family - what ever shape or size it may be.

Don’t put it off for another year, sing out and let’s make a time.

Check out some of my family session here.

Alice & Niels


I met Alice & Niels in Adelaide but had the absolute pleasure of catching up with them in the countryside in Sweden to photograph their super sweet Wedding. 

It was awesome to see how different weddings are in Sweden. I thought at first that these guys were just super cool and ahead of the trend but apparently wedding culture in Sweden is way ahead of the curve and has been for years. Couples walk down the aisle together and family and friend all chip in to help out on the day. I was also pretty impressed when the party kept on going until 5am. Aussie weddings never seem to have quite enough hours to fit in a late nigth dance party! More of their wedding day to come soon..

Australia's top emerging wedding photographers

I don't often enter photography competitions but I made an exception for this year's Capture Magazine "Australia's Top Emerging Photographers" award. I'd always meant to enter and this year was my last chance before I'm done 'emerging', (does that mean I get to become a beautiful butterfly soon?!). It's one of the contests I respect the most and a great predictor of further awesomeness, congratulations to this year's winner, the lovely Morgan Roberts and all the other finalists and highly commended photographers. I was lucky enough to score a high commendation for the portfolio I entered.

Mega thanks to all the couples (and grandparents, unknown Italian strangers, and puppies) who made these fabulous images with me!